Hair off, on purpose.

Submitted by GPo on 2/3/02. ( )

Lets say I want to use the back half of a deer hide for something.
It will be about a 2' x 3' piece of hide. I may be able to use these to cover horn plates.(Hair off) Will soaking these pieces in a high PH bath (12 - 12.5) remove the hair ? Sometimes I have hair accidentally fall out so I may as well try it on purpose.
Do I go through the usual steps as well. Salting, fleshing, pickle, liquatan/soft.

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I have the stuff...

This response submitted by Damon on 2/3/02. ( ) need to remove the hair, enough to de-hair about 12-15 lbs of hides, plus neutralizer, will sell both to you for $5. E mail me if interested. Thanks, Damon

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