skinning a crappie

Submitted by Chris on 2/4/02. ( )

I am getting ready to mount a crappie it will be my first crappie and my second mount perioud! I was wandering what I could do to keep the scaales from slipping. The crappie is an 18 in crappie and i want it to turn out good thanks for your help!

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Freeze it!

This response submitted by Linda C. on 2/4/02. ( )

Chris, before you tackle that crappie,practice on some other fish first.These things are extremely difficult for a beginner to skin without losing all kinds of scales.They are also very thin skinned.Thats a great crappie and you will be happier with the results if you get some more practice first.

crappie skinning

This response submitted by cj on 2/4/02. ( )

coat the entire fish in white elmers glue then shin and flesh it careful to not rehydrate the gle when done rehydrate the gle with water and peel the glue off works great jon rhinehart has an article in a breakthriugh book


This response submitted by Dan on 2/5/02. ( )

If you do lose some scales there is a way to repair them. Wait until the fish has dried thoroughly. Remove some of the scales from the non show side and simply slide them in on the show side where they are missing. Glue them down with crazy glue. I have been doing this for years with great results. I would probably wait until you do get a little more experience. A 18 inch Crappie is a nice trophy.


This response submitted by chris on 2/5/02. ( )

thanks for all your help guys i think i will practice a little more with blugills befor i do it. i really appreciate the advice!


This response submitted by james on 2/6/02. ( )

soak your fish in non-iodized salt for a few hours then rinse.Pat dry the fish with a paper towel dont rub.Next coat fish with elmers glue.It will take a little while to dry.When you are skinning dont move the fish around too much.I skin mine on a cutting board so i can move it around instead of the fish.Also remove the meat in sections instead of one piece.Take your time and im sure it will come out fine.GOOD LUCK

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