bird mounting

Submitted by RICKY MEEKER on 2/5/02. ( )

I would like to know when mounting a duck i was told that you did
not have to use a dry perservative on birds, I would like to start
mounting birds but would like to know if I had to use dry perservatives or not can some tell me.

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I would

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 2/5/02. ( )

Some have said no preservative is necessary in birds. I prefer to use borax. I havn't had anything eaten yet. just rub borax into the skin after washing and degreasing.


This response submitted by Nancy M. on 2/6/02. ( )

Borax is easily available and pretty effective at stopping decay. I don't think it does much to deter pests though, so I don't recommend leaving mounts in areas where protein-eating pests are likely. I HAVE had a couple of things get eaten over the years. The culprits were carpet beetles and, one time, a mouse. The mouse took the feathers to make a nest. She paid very dearly for that nice soft nest, but it was too late to save the mount.

Nancy M.


This response submitted by CARL MCCOY on 2/14/02. ( )

i only mount birds and in the beggining years had a few mounts destroyed by carpet beetles. my remedy for this is a simple mixture of wal-mart stuff. first 20 mule team borax and the secret ingredient crushed moth balls. the easiest way to crush the moth balls is in a blender.but WEAR A PARTICLE MASK. the first time my nose bleed for three days.put a handfull at a time in the blender or they will clog. the mixture isn't exact science. but i use about a half cup of the moth ball powder to a box of borax. the borax preserves and the moth balls repel or kill bugs. hope this helps. it has for me.

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