Salted Cape

Submitted by steve on 2/5/02. ( )

I have two white tail capes that i have salted now for the past two days and now are on their third day. i pulled them from the freezer, rough fleshed, and split everything, and salted. when i went to shake the salt off last night, i noticed some blood still on the hair side and it is starting to accumulate a smell. should i have washed the cape before salting, or is this normal? my last deer i used DP on, so i'm new to this salting. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This response submitted by Dan on 2/5/02. ( )

Never wash a cape before salting, also don't let them sit in wet salt for any length of time,... salt 24 hours, shake and brush off all wet salt resalt 8 hours, then hang in front of a fan. If humidity is high, I lower it with a dehumidifier in my salting area. Key is to dry hide as fast as possible so bacteria doesn't have a prayer, Hope this helps,...Dan.

Salted Capes

This response submitted by Ken on 2/5/02. ( )

Dont salt your capes and then put them in the freezer,salt them and let them drip and air dry and then resalt in the freezer they hold moisture and they wont freeze because salt prevents things from freezing

Thanks ALL

This response submitted by steve on 2/6/02. ( )

I put me a fan in front of them last night and it made a world of difference. now after they're dried rock hard, i can leave them until i'm ready to tan, or do i need to do something else with them?

leave as they are

This response submitted by j hermanns on 2/6/02. ( )

Once salted and dried, they'll keep until you're ready to tan. Godd luck

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