pickle problem

Submitted by john on 2/5/02. ( JohnKeenaCrabb@aol.com )

I have never tanned a hide until now always used DP. Ive got a coyote yesterday and he is under his second night salt. My problem is this, I dont have any stuff to do the pickle, and really do not know what to order either. I just do'nt understand what to order.

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 2/5/02. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Here what you need or should I say what I use.

Saftee acid - Rittel's

Salt-get anywhere

PH strips. Those that measure 1-6. This is all that needed to make a good pickle besides water.

Now you should and I'm sure you have fleshed the coyote out pretty well. When you get the stuff in you need to rehydrate the cape. You can place it in the pickle to reyhdrate but not really recomended but it works. Or get some ultra soft from Rittel's mix it to the directions and soak the hide till it softens up. Place it in the pickle for 3 days take out shave and resoak it again. After that take it out neturlize then tan and oil.

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