pickle problem two

Submitted by John on 2/5/02. ( JohnKeenaCrabb@aol.com )

Is there somthing I can use to pickle that I can go buy at the store. I feel pretty stupid asking this but stummped.

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Don't panic

This response submitted by Bill K. on 2/5/02. ( klager@nvc.net )

I've heard you can use vinegar but most people use an acid from one of the supply companies (there's probably a reason for that, I try not to ask to many questions I've got enough to think about). "Safety acid" works great. It's cheap and it's.....it's...... well, it's safe. Don't panic about your salted coyote, let it dry rock hard and it will be fine. Don't forget your pH paper when you order. You might want to ad some bactericide when you rehydrate but if you took good care of your dog and it was fresh it probably won't be necessary. If you type "pickle" in the "what do want to know window" it will give you more information.
Good luck, Bill

Yes you can

This response submitted by Bill on 2/5/02. ( )

use vinegar. Plain old white v will work. 50% vinegar 50% water
and add 1 lb of salt per gallon of mixture. Its not the strongest thing out there but it works with decent results. good luck


This response submitted by Big Al on 2/6/02. ( )

1 Gal. white vinegar
1 Gal. water
1 Lb. salt

Don't need to check the pH....provided your measurements
are accurate (although it's a good habit)never had a problem...skins have sat in pickle for months!

Good Luck

be carefull of vinegar

This response submitted by jen on 2/6/02. ( )

i would watch the vinegar very carefully for ph! one of my hides sky rocketed over night and started to slip!


This response submitted by Tony on 2/6/02. ( . )

You might know this, but I was where you are at a few months ago. You should find a feed store and buy salt "mortons" others may work but I bought 100 lbs for about $8. Cheaper and you don't have to pay S&H for all that weight! Good luck!

Ph is a major concern!

This response submitted by Wayne S. on 2/7/02. ( hbtaxidermy@hotmail.com )

When using vinegar you had better ckeck your ph regularly. The vinegar you buy in the store is diluted. Some brands more than others. I would mix it 50/50 and let it set a while before I checked my Ph. After I added my capes I would also check Ph again after a couple of hours. Vinegar works good but if the Ph gets out of wack, you are going to have slippage.

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