Frozen Whole Muskrat- free to a beginner only

Submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 2/6/02. ( )

If you are a beginner taxidermist and would like to have a muskrat I have one to give away. It is frozen whole and has good winter fur. It is mountable or tannable or whatever you choose. You will have to pay the shipping, which I would choose Priority mail probably run about $5. If you want this muskrat (beginners only) please email me at above address. Thanks all, Aaron Honeycutt

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I'd love to have it

This response submitted by Tony on 2/6/02. ( )

I'm a beginner, looking for a critter or two to practice on if you still have it!

The rat is yours Tony!

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 2/6/02. ( )

Great Tony, I hope you have a good time with the muskrat, he's all yours. I have emailed you on details. Thanks All- Aaron

gotta be quick around here

This response submitted by d pugh on 2/13/02. ( )

any thing else free email me just beggining or is that begging

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