what's a Roman Nose

Submitted by Ben on 2/7/02. ( )

I heard the term " Roman Nose ", could anyone tell me what the
term means.thanks.


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Bump on the area between the nose and the eyes

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 2/7/02. ( )

WT Bucks (and probably other critters) get a raised ridge or bump in this area from banging around during fighting and rubbing trees. It is a buildup of scar tissue, usually found on older bucks. I put some Apoxie Sculpt in this area to re-create that look when mounting these deer.


mule deer more pronounced

This response submitted by dale on 2/8/02. ( )

Can't vouch for the reason deer get roman noses, but mule deer are very pronounced in that regard when they get over 5 years old. they look pretty neat when they do. Haven't seen a white tail with one very big if any.

What's a Roman Nose?

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 2/13/02. ( g.conley@verizon.net or whitetaildesign@aol.com )

Roman noses are produced by natural selection. I can not remember at what degrees North latitude that this physical attribute starts occuring, but the principles of inheritance are the same. The Roman Nose look is caused by a larger sinus cavity possessed by animals that live in northern climes. The larger sinus cavity allows for warming of air before entering bronchial tubes and lungs. Take a look at photos of Arabian horses. The original desert horse has a dished face, where as the Polish Arabian through accelerated evolution has a Roman Nose. States that utilized northern deer in their re-stocking programs will produce Roman Nosed deer more so than states that used southern deer in re=stocking programs.

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