Several questions for bird experts

Submitted by Lars on 2/7/02. ( )

I have several ?'s possibly all can be addressed here:
- I have the bird fininshing manual from WASCO but am still questioning how to paint birds feet and bills, is there a more detailed book in color or detailed instrucitonal source out yet on how to do this?
- What exactly is the real reason for splitting waddles on the pheasant, is there a pocket that should remain to be filled or is it just to keep excessive shrinkage from happening. I have mounted several pheasants but am still unsure if I am doing this right or if it is reall ymaking a difference.
- what is the best way to actually make the feathers on the back of the wooduck or even the grouse neck feathers stand up, do people use calk in these areas as well as the waddles of pheasasnts?
- I know it's probably not the best choice but can polytranspar finbacking cream be used for these areas as well as for injecting bird feet?
- Is wrapping a body for a flying bird not a good idea as this makes it difficult to notch out a slot out a place for the tail?
- What is the ideal size for a motor on a home made bird flesher, 1/12 H.P. too big?
- Lastly, does anyone know where I could get a good reference photo of 2 pheasants fighting?
Thanks for your advice.

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Lars, You need a seminar

This response submitted by George on 2/7/02. ( )

You have enough questions, albeit great questions, to fill a book. Go to your state convention or to the nationals and take a few seminars. Actually seeing it done speaks louder than words. Afterwards, you can approach individual specialists and pick their brains.

I'm not an encyclopedia but.....

This response submitted by Troy on 2/7/02. ( )

--maybe I can help with some of those. You probably wont find much better to help with painting bird feet other than good color referance pictures. That is unless you have a more specific question.
--As for what I know about pheasant wattles they need to be split to keep them from shrinking and looking . Around the edges there is a "thick" (sorry, lack of a better word) part like a deer lip that needs to be slit. I could be wrong on this but that's what I have found.
--I use caulking on all my birds. And yes on the heads, it allows me to put the feathers where I want them and they will stay much better. Use caution because it can be messy if your not carefull.
--I dont have any productive answers for you on the other questions.

no expert but...............

This response submitted by tenpoint on 2/11/02. ( )

ive made three fleshing machines for birds lar and ive found 1/70th motor works best on all puddles and divers. bigger birds well i wouldnt go bigger than a 1/25th. once you put a wire wheel to a bird youll see what i mean.


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