freezing birds

Submitted by brian on 2/7/02. ( )

After skinning, cleaning, and preserving a bird can you put in the freezer until you order your forms to fit the bird. Thanks

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This response submitted by Dave B. on 2/7/02. ( )

Hello Brian,
I would wash it and then freeze it. Forget about putting the preservaitve on it at this point.Any time ya freeze a bird, its allways a good practice to rewash it again after its been thawed out.Before the skins has a time to freeze, grease may get transfered onto the the feathers.
So, if it were me, I would just refreeze and then thaw and wash, tumble, apply the preservative and then mount.

Have a good day to all,

Does anyone else notice this, or is it just me?

This response submitted by PA on 2/7/02. ( )

It seems people don't know how to use the search parameters. On the opening page it says "What do you want to know". It seems to me that if you typed in the words "Freezing birds" one might get a number of answers. In fact I did that and it spouted out 68 posts on freezing birds. I did not read them but I an SURE the answer is in there - I typed in information in the past at least three times when the exact question was posed.

While I am here, could someone tell me which is better - dry preservative or tanning, exactly how do you salt a deer hide, and what price should I start out with.

PA? What are you talking about?

This response submitted by Leanna on 2/7/02. ( )

No one has EVER noticed that before! Is this the first time it's happened?! What are archives? Where is the search button? Surely not that button to my left that reads "search"!

PA, it appears spoon feeding a person, leads to a vegetative state of mind. You could look THIS subject up in the's all there...some will just never get it. Good try though! You save a bunch of us the trouble. LOL

Couldn't find it.

This response submitted by PA on 2/7/02. ( )

I plugged in Vegetative state of mind and there were no posts using this parameter - I must be doing something wrong.

I am truely surprised that I was the first to notice this though. Are you the Leanne that everyone talks about, you know the one with the Stout Husband, who always has to rescue damsels in distress - oh wait, thats right you are the damsel - why do they need rescued? Just ragging you.

How is the snow in Minnesota, and more importantly did you celebrate groundhog day. (don't answer that one - I'm under cover as the species Pomposus Assini, the expanded acronym of PA.

bitchy people

This response submitted by possumking on 2/7/02. ( )

You know from all the bitching some of you do you seem to find time to resond to the message.If it bothers you so badly that someone wants a more hands on response about something that all you can do is whine about the archives than dont respond. Of course if it makes you feel better to belittle someone for either being new to this art or wanting to post something that has been covered before, than I hope you are good at taxidermy because your people skills really need some attention. I am glad their are some helpful people on here and not all ego inflated pricks!

Dear Mr. Possum King

This response submitted by PA on 2/8/02. ( )

Surely you have not spent a lot of time here, as I have seen the exact question posted at least 25 times in the last year. There were perhaps 15 people who answered it - almost always with the correct answer. Eventually people get tired of answering common questions and then the poster wonders why no-one answers the question he posed. Ken has bent over backwards to make it simple to get the answers to questions. If he had the time I am sure he would search the archives, pull out the correct answer, and plug it into the question -BUT the answer is already IN THE ARCHIVES.
Perhaps I had a bit of sarcasticity in my responce but I pointed out to the poster that there are 68 other answers in the archives if he doesn't like the answer that Mr. Berlanger gave. I personally like to have more than one opinion. My "hands on answer" has been posted more than once, and while I am wasting time answering you, I don't have to retype the answer I already gave. Levity was, and is the reason for my posting, and Leanne obviously got it - you didn't.


This response submitted by Leanna on 2/8/02. ( )

Yeah, I belittled you just now, but no one else in this post. I was joking with PA (whoever the hell PA is!) I don't even KNOW him and we understood each others humor.

Come out from playing possum and stand upright like most of the Homo Sapiens do, or shove the rest of your lost words up your little pink knothole.

what do you want to know?

This response submitted by jen on 2/8/02. ( )

ever since that new opening board came up , i cant not search any more! locks up this old puter and i dont have the moneis to buy a new one yet. soooooooo for some peoples there is no choice.
i even tryed to have a person do the search and send the result pages back to me and all i got was the search part again.....
so i personnally dont mind seeing the same subject again and again,,, each time is anwered there seems to be more information
but allso i do appreciate all the brainyacks that lend knoledge to this site.

what else should I have expected

This response submitted by possumking on 2/8/02. ( )

Ouch! Those words really hurt. I can only hope your taxidermy skills are far better than your people skills. On the good side the only way you have to go is up, one would hope.

People skills? On a possum?

This response submitted by Leanna on 2/8/02. ( )


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