Where can I buy Polytranspar paint besides WASCO

Submitted by byrd on 2/7/02. ( libertyflh@webtv.net )

would really like to try polytranspar paints but for some reason WASCO doesn't seem to want my business.(long waiting time in recieving orders) so is there anywhere else i can purchase this paint that may be able to get it to me in a timely fashion? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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try Noonkesters Supply Co.

This response submitted by b bishop on 2/8/02. ( bishops@newnorth.net )

Sorry to hear you are having problems with WASCO. Try Noonkesters at- 1-800-888-3706 and use the same number id.

Tsk Tsk Byrd

This response submitted by Leanna on 2/8/02. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

This WASCO negativity does not sit well with me when you are using their site to do it. Especially when it's something as measly as time receiving shippment. Common sense and courtesty, would tell you to work that obstacle into your ordering periods. I know WASCO takes a week for my order to end up at my doorstep, so I order accordingly.

For the common courtesy part, take it up with the company on the phone, don't do them injustice by thwarting their top name on their own FREEEEEEEEEEE site. OH that frosts my ass.


This response submitted by Terry on 2/8/02. ( TCmiller300@msn.com )

I agree with Leanna. This is an awesome privilege to obtain information and WASCO is responsible. Attitude of Gratitude and life will be much better! Terry

That a_ _ frosting thing is contagious

This response submitted by Roger on 2/8/02. ( Emery30@msn.com )

I have always found their service to be as good as the rest of the supply companies. Even if it weren't the case, their site is not the place to bash them. Anyone should be given the opportunity to correct a problem before the public denouncing and airing of a gripe. I am sure if that if the situation were reversed, you would feel the same way.

Poor planning on your part......

This response submitted by George on 2/8/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

doesn't convert into THEIR problem. Why would you need them so quickly. They are PAINTS. Don't you have a supply, don't you inventory, don't you plan your work loads, don't you check existing paint schedules for requirements? Obviously that answer is "NO". Sounds like the real problem is closer to home than WASCO.

I agree with Byrd!

This response submitted by WV on 2/8/02. ( wvrichmond@aol.com )

Just to let you know before I WASCO bash, I have already called them several times to work out my problems with no results. Forget all that crap about inventory and work loads. It all boils down to the fact that their catalog clearly stses that all orders wil be shipped within 48 hours. When you order something and a company is stating a claim, they should follow through. I have had the same problems as Bryd. They do not ship within 48 hours. They keep giving you some line that all orders are shipped as they are received. If they are that busy that they can't ship their orders in 48 hours, then they should get some more manpower. Here is another problem I have had recently. I ordered some blanks. I realized when I placed the order that manufacturing takes two weeks. I called after a couple of weeks just to check on them and they tell me the order hasn't been processed yet. Then the nice lady says to me " You do realize sir it takes two weeks for fish blanks". So anyways I wait another week to check on my order. Guess what? They haven't made them yet. You know what the lady says? "You do realize sir it takes two weeks for fish blanks". Now I am starting to get upset. After the fourth week and the lady telling me the exact same thing again, I got a little rude with them. I then got my blanks a week later. 5 weeks to get blanks when they advertise they can make them in two. What gives? If they are going to make claims, then they should stand by them. All I can say is that I will do my business other places at all costs. Now I realize that the taxidermy.net regulars who have nothing better to do are going to rip on me now, so take your best shots. I know is is a pet peeve of all yours, not leaving a email address, so I left mine if you want to talk. Oh, by the way George, Some of my spelling might be wrong, because I know you of all people will notice. I am going to check out the archives too George.

this is whats up

This response submitted by byrd on 2/8/02. ( )

I am not usually the type of guy to air out dirty laundy in public. But here it goes. As far as planning i have plenty of colors to do what i need. I would just like to try a different product. And about giving them te decency of a phone call before posting complaint here, that was attempted also. I even emailed a letter to Sallie Dahmes,president of the company, expressing my concerns. I never received a reply. If ths was a one time thing, i would not be complaining. But i have went as far as having to cancel orders and place them somewhere else After waiting over a week and they still had not billed my credit card, let alone shipped it out and it was a multiple item order of very common products. So there is no reason why they should have all been on back order(incase you were thinking that). Just this monday, i placed 3 orders all in the morning hours, within 15 minutes of each other. WASCO, Hide and Beak, McKenzie. Wed afternoon i received my order from Hide and Beak. Thursay evening from McKenzie. Still have not heard anything from WASCO. When you order on line WASCO says your order will be processed and shipped out within 48 hrs. If this promise is a problem for them to keep, they should either remove it or get the man power to be able to provide it. By the way, anyone no where i can get the paint besides WASCO


Have you never done the same

This response submitted by Brad Jones on 2/8/02. ( Broadhead3@aol.com )

to one of your customers,$hit happens.

No I Have Not!

This response submitted by byrd on 2/8/02. ( )

Never! I am a firm beliver that a man is only as good as his word. So if i tell somebody that i'm going to do something, I will do all in my power to keep that commitment. And if something were to happen that i could not fullfill that promise, i will at least give them the common decency of letting them no there is a problem. It's just good business. Wouldn't you expect the same? If a pizza delivery guy told you he would have your delivery to you in 30 minutes, but it took 2 maybe 3 times as long, i'm sure you would not be happy. What's the difference in that and WASCO's promise of 48 hr processing when its really more like 120hr or more processing. Bottom line its a commitment. Don't make them if you can't keep them.


Their site or not

This response submitted by LH on 2/8/02. ( coyote156@hotmail.com )

this is a problem that has been covered here before. Apparantly, it hasn't been remedied at the supplier's end. The answer is very simple - remove the claim from the advertisement. Just because I frequent this site doesn't mean I feel some sense of loyalty to WASCO. I like their products, I've used them before, and will continue to do so in the future when I find that they carry a group of needed supplies that have the best sum total. Forty-eight hours to assembl and ship an order on a credit card order is simply too long. To their credit, I can oder online from McKenzie's at 10 o'clock Sunday night and have the supplies on my front step Tuesday morning before 10 a.m.. Happens every time. I do not expect every vendor to hold that record, and I've been waiting all of four days on an order from RM, the stress is killing me. But, if they make a claim, they'd better hold up to it or be ready to explain to me what happened. Taxidermy, auto repairs, plumbing, you get what you pay for and if I select a vendor because of a claim they make that makes them appear better than the next guy, I expect them to honor that claim.

In Nebraska

This response submitted by Jt on 2/9/02. ( coelecanth@msn.com )

I always get my stuff in about two days. I don't understand what everyone else's problem is. And as far as the hosted web site goes. Didn't you notice that other company names are highlighted and automatically linked? WASCO doesn't mind the competition, trust me. It doesn't hurt a thing to recommend other companies an WASCO's web site. JEEZ grow up people. Hey BYRD go give Noonkester'S a call. They do carry Polytranspar. If someone had a prob with them carrying it then WASCO would be the only one selling it.


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