First Deer Too Easy

Submitted by Gus on 2/8/02. ( )

I just finished my first shoulder deer mount and was surprised how easy it was . While I have seen some better at sport shows and such , mine is at least as good as 90% of the mounts I've seen.It seems most of the talent belongs to the manikin sculpters , and most taxidermists are just over priced meat scrapers.

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Arrogant beginner needs to scrape meat for 5 years.

This response submitted by Barb on 2/8/02. ( )

Well I am indeed pleased that you found our artistry to be such a breeze. Now try the mount that got shot in the head, blew out his eye and needless to say his lashes, both upper and lower. When
the sheep was falling from his wound he tumbled 58 feet, bounced off of three large rocks taking out the hair on his neck and side. And oh by the way smashed his gorgeous horns on the rock, split one and broke the other off. Did I mention the hunter was elderly and wanted a full mount because this was his last hunt. Oh the other thing, the sheeps right front knee had broken off, but he did bring it with him.
This simple meat scraper managed to do it, but boy could I have done with your obvious "given talents". In other words," There is more to it big boy". Keep going.


This response submitted by Eric on 2/9/02. ( )

I won't say too much. Your deer head probably isn't anywhere near as good as YOU think it is. I am new to this but even I can say, You have a lot to learn arrogant one!

It still is art

This response submitted by Cris on 2/9/02. ( )

I too was well pleased with my first deer mount. I got started doing my own because I was dissapointed in the mounts I got back from others with drummed ears and necks, incorrect eyes, etc. despite being done on (easy mannikins). The more I did, the more I appreciated the good work that is done by others, because it is WORK and it is ART.
Figure up the time it took you to mount your deer and what you would have paid for it and then see how much you'd make by the hour.

I can't believe...

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 2/9/02. ( )

...that anyone responded to this obvious attempt to stir the pot. Really now, what sort of idiot would make those types of comments if he/she were sincere? Hook, Line, and Sinker come to mind...

Bob Mead

Nothing easy about it

This response submitted by Maryann on 2/9/02. ( )

I am a beginner at taxidermy and have found nothing easy about it at all,it is alot of work and now I know why taxidermist charge how much they do.

It's all in the numbers!

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 2/9/02. ( )

If your first deer is as good as 90% of the mounts you''ve seen then you have either:

1. Not looked at very many mounts, or

2. Have only had the opportunity to see the bottom 10% of the market!

I laugh everytime I read the statement that "my first mount came out really good". Let's take it to a show and see how it does.

I remember my first deer, too. It was fantastic! . . . Well, until I learned what a deer REALLY looks like!



This response submitted by Bob on 2/9/02. ( )

If this is your first piece, and it turned out that great,then I am sure you are a world champion in the making. How bout listing a few pictures, including closeups on the web somewhere so we can all take a look at your obvious god given talent. To even top that off, why don't you enter it into your states competition, and then at the national show. I'm sure you are bound to be the president of the national assn. someday, so why not start your competition now?

Look At It Again & Again & Again & Again

This response submitted by FREHSE TAXIDERMY STUDIO ( GARY ) on 2/9/02. ( )

Set it aside get several hundred under your belt, And if you are not to arrogant to learn ( but with that post I feel there is no hope for you ) Compete, go to seminars, study, Look at reference pictures over and over, study live deer. Then after all that and learning to conqer all the not so perfect spicemens as Barb told you about. Then get your first ( OH SO CALLED PERFECT MOUNT ) Out and compare, and then come back on here and tell us what you think and how over priced we are. I normally don't get in here much but this one got my goat. Speaking of a goat I got one of them in the freezer that probably fell down a mountain to do. As my wife just said why am I wasting my time cause he is so good he won't do any of the things we need to do to improve anyway. Just needed to vent over this one! GARY

Bob Mead

This response submitted by Leanna on 2/9/02. ( )

I agree!


This response submitted by Jeff on 2/9/02. ( )

I think that only 20% of taxidermist turn out quailty work. Maybe you are comparing yourself to someone that isn't that good. Also we will see what it looks like five years from now if it still has hair.

Well, maybe some..

This response submitted by Eric on 12/22/2002. ( )

advice would be hefpful from all you seasoned taxidermists. I would like to start doing some of my own work, and have no clue where to start. Could some of you people here pease guide into the fine world of taxidery. I'm sure you all could give me some information on that right?

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