turning ears

Submitted by crochunter on 2/9/02. ( crochunter@alltell.net )

Just finished turning my 1st coyote ears,wow I'm obviously still very new at this but you guys definately dont charge enough to do this art,took me 2 and a half hours and I still got a small tear,loljust wanted to say thanks to everyone who helps on this forum,and if someone busts your stones a little bit get a little thicker skin or try to follow the rules better I've used this forum for 2 months now and found almost everything I need in the archives,remember these people are busy people trying to make a living and in the mean time help out us newbies,thanx to all and keep up the good work

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This response submitted by b bishop on 2/9/02. ( bishops@newnorth.net )

You are absolutly correct on all counts. There is a book out call " Taxidermy for Fun and Profit " what a joke!. Most people don't charge enough to enjoy either one. Congrats on your ears, now remove the whole cartalidge from the ear ( easier after pickle ) and then cast them and then your really getting somewhere! Best of luck to ya. Brad

Thanks Brad

This response submitted by Derek {crochunter} on 2/9/02. ( crochunter@alltel.net )

Thanks for your kind words and all the help you guys give us I appreciate the time you guys take out of your busy schedules to help us out,oh yeah you other guys dont want to spen money on books or videos,I dont have a ton of money either but I do have spare time,to complement my books and videos I spend a minimum of 1 to 2 hours every night in the archives,my coyote book hasn't come in yet and I found enough info to get it this far already,sometimes you just have to help yourselves a little bit.Thanks again everybody.Derek

good job

This response submitted by jen on 2/11/02. ( )

lol only one nick , good job, the first set of muley ears i turned , came out in only 10 peices lollllllllllllll

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