quebec light

Submitted by chris on 2/9/02. ( )

i am thinking of getting the quebec light and seen on the forum were someone said that you can get the light delivered to your door for $550 and in the catologs i have it says head only for $375 plus $150 for freightand customs and does this come with a motor if not this seems like a lot to pay for a head only i am not trying to say it is not worth it because i do not even own a fleshing machine. the reason for asking is the dakota v is $599 with motor but from what i see on the forum the quebec light is the beter way to go. thanks fo any help.

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Prices for the Quebec Lite

This response submitted by Gerry on 2/10/02. ( )

Hi Chris

Sorry for the confusion, $375,00 was the introductery price in July 2000. Last October, the price was increased to $485.00 mainley because we made more than fifthy modifications to the original. We chose to improve and make it better witch increased the cost of production consequintly the retail price. The machine we manufacture now is still the least expensive (twelve inch blade ) on the market.
It's no comparison to the dekota lV. Is a seven inch blade, it's 3 to 5 times slower than a Quebec Lite.

Most of the catalogs are printed in the summer this explaines the wrong prices. Today they are : $485.00 for the head unit, $625.00 for the head and motor and $885.00 for the complete with table and afjustable legs. Shipping for the head is less than $50.00 , head and motor less than $100 and the complete less than $200.


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