when and how can I mount a fresh tanned hide

Submitted by Chris on 2/10/02. ( )

I just finished tanning three mink hides with Lutan-f and have completed the oiling process. They are drying fur side out in a 60 degree basement. I am wanting to start mounting one of the mink very soon (as in a day or two). My question is what steps do I need to take on a freshly tanned pelt prior to it going on the maniken? Do I need to completely let the hide set for 3 days then rehydrate and mount?

I understand the process for hides that have "dried" and are going to be mounted. Just not sure on the freshly tanned items.



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No need to let them sit around

This response submitted by j hermanns on 2/10/02. ( )

What you have now is a wet tan - as long as the lips, eyes, noses, and ears are turned and the hides are well fleshed, you are ready to go. I don't know that I would let them dry out, once tanned throw them in the freezer until you're ready to mount. Good Luck.

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