Anyone use Naptha soap for tanning?

Submitted by pittsburghJOE on 2/10/02. ( )

I read in a tanning book (by James Churchill)that I can use Fels naptha soap to tan buckskin, according to the book its the way indians used to do it (I didnt know fels naptha soap was that old and whats it made of). Anyone ever try this method and if you do have knowlege of this method and it works, can I dye it by soaking it in tree bark dye or do I have to smoke dye it? I know this sounds strange thats why I had to try it.. Thanks,

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been there,done that

This response submitted by Linda C on 2/10/02. ( )

did several like that many,many,many years ago.Made beautiful leather.Didn't dye mine tho,just left it natural.Was fun but a lot of work.

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