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Submitted by steve in geneva on 2/10/02. ( )

i've been skinnin' stuff for over 15 years, yet i still cant put "a shavin' edge" on a knife. i use fresh scalpels for close work, but i use a 12 inch fleshing knife on my fleshing beam. what is the easiest, fastest way to put an edge on a stainless steel blade? i've used stones/ceramics/broadhead sharpeners, you name it. i dont really want to pay 150 dollars on one of those magic chefs (or whatever thier called) motorized, but i will if someone can convince me that it is a good investment.

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This response submitted by Linda C on 2/10/02. ( lcline@cheqnet.net )

Hi Steve,
I have one of those magic chef sharpeners and love it,especially during bear and deer skinning season because its really fast.If you use the coarser stone to often you will eventually eat up your knife.Usually all you need to run it through is the stropper once you have the edge set right and it was sharp.Usually on my fleshing knife tho I just use a sharpener we got at the sporting good store.It has an orange handle and two sets of little steels.Can't remember what they call the thing maybe someone else knows.It does take the guess work out of getting the right angle.Hope that helps.

Do you have a farm store?

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 2/10/02. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

Steve, I have the same problem but found a sharpener that is about $5-$10 and works for me! It is a hand held sharpener and has a fine wheel and a coarse wheel on the other side. Here is the beauty of it. You place the blade between the wheels and draw the knife towards you about 10 times. Now you have sharpened the blade uniformly giving the edge back to your favorite skinning knife. If you can't find what I am talking about I can pickone up at our local farm store if you would like one. Inexpensive and well worth it! Good Luck! Dan Hudzik

A sharpening jig

This response submitted by Happ on 2/10/02. ( )

I use a jig made by Lansky. You MUST keep the angle on both sides exactly the same to aquire a razor sharp edge on anything. Go to (www.lansky.com) and you will find everything you need to sharpen everything. Happ

No question

This response submitted by Jeff on 2/11/02. ( jeffw76@yahoo.com )

There is no question about it. The chef master is definately worth every dime. Its just like she said, run the blade through the coarse, med., or fine slot a time or two depending on which you need at the time and you done. SUPER fast, super easy. I'd get it if I were you.

thanx! linda, dan, happ

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 2/11/02. ( )

good info! thanx!

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