PA taxidermy permit exam

Submitted by Tracy Price on 2/10/02. ( )

I have been working on specimens for my taxidermy perimit. I am very worried about the exam. I understand they will look over my specimen well. But the written part is what has me worried. The game commission sent me a large book of laws. Are all these laws what the written test consists of? Do they make us do a full mount at the exam or just a procedure? thanks for any help. Also, I cant find out if they give more than one exam a year. Sept is the only date I can find.
Thanks for any help Tracy

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Pa test

This response submitted by MikeR on 2/11/02. ( )

Hi Tracy,
The written part consists of laws and taxidermy methods and info. The hands on part consists of performing a procedure (setting an eye, installing an earliner, etc.). The test is given twice a year: Fall/September and Sring/April or May. Try a search...there is alot of info on here concerning the Pa test. Good Luck!

PA permit

This response submitted by Tracy Price on 2/11/02. ( )

Mike,Thanks so much for the information. That was very helpfull.

the hands on portion can be a host of things as

This response submitted by Kristoph on 2/11/02. ( )

Mike said, setting an eye in clay, identifying different eyes to specimens,matching bird bodies to a list of option birds, etc, etc
The written portion will be a test of your general knowledge of game laws, not so in depth it would take an attormey to pass, jus familiarize yourself with the laws. There are some "tricky" questions, take your time and read them thoroughly before answering. Know your fish parts if this is to be included in test, you can now test for 3 different licenses, big game, small game and fish I believe, correct me,someone if I'm wrong, when I tested that option wasn't available, it was all or nothing. Most importantly, accept the examiners criticism with an open mind and an attitude that shows a willingness to improve and learn. An awful lot of people have to go back a second time and show what they've gleaned from the examiners, do not be discouraged, as I said, just keep an open mind and be gracious about offered critticism, and make sure your mounts are clean:eyes, fur, no residual sawdust or corn cob grit etc. Also as Mike said, check the archives, there should be a wealth of information on this subject. Also, in caseit's not mentioned, don't go overboard with your habitat and backdrops, I've taken a few people out to test after I took mine and witnessed alot of guys/gals having to take mounts off of extensive backdrop habitats so the examiners could check around the entire mount.Best of luck to you.....

Second Timer

This response submitted by Jim on 2/12/02. ( )

Hi Tracey,

I went throught the process twice, like many people. If your pretty much self tought like I was then you may want to take the exam initially as a learning expierience. Stay optimistic though. All of the testing people were great and very informative.
You just never know about your specimins, they failed the only two mounts I was truley confident in and passed the other three I wasn't, but when you recieve your scores by mail you will get many suggestions where you need improvement and they will praise you on your good points.
The practical was probably the most challenging, but if you have worked on several species this may be easy for you.
The written was not so bad, alot of common scence questions. remember if you can eliminate two of the four answers, the average monkey picks the right answer 50% of the time.

Good Luck

Do I Need PA Permit?

This response submitted by Amber on 2/17/02. ( )

I was wondering whether or not I needed this permit. Not sure if this is an American site as I live in Ontario Canada. If anyone could let me know that would be appreciated Thanks, Amber

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