mini-flesher blade question

Submitted by cb on 2/11/02. ( )

i just purchased a mini-flesher, and was wondering how long the
blades typically last. about how many capes can i flesh with one
blade before it will need replacing.

i fleshed 10 capes so far and it seemed to be not as sharp as when it
was new. the last cape was a elk, or is it that elk have thicker hides
that it seemed a little less sharp.


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Make Sure

This response submitted by Jason on 2/11/02. ( )

This may sound dumb but make sure that the teeth are going the
right way. I put one on backwards before and thought the blade was

I like mine...

This response submitted by David M. on 2/11/02. ( )

to be pretty dull. sounds weird doesn't it. I hate to brag but I think I'm pretty good with a mini flesher. I was taught how to use mine by a couple of pros. The first time one was showing me how to use one he stressed don't keep the blade too sharp because you have a tendancy to cut more holes. So he took a brand new blade, put it on, and proceeded to run the blade on a piece of pvc so it dulled it a little, then flesed away. When you hardly have any teeth then replace it. I mean none! I have the same blade I had on five years ago! It fleshes fine and I can turn lips, eyes, nose and half of an ear with it. Believe it! I told someone this at a show once and they didn't believe me. All I can say is put you money where you mouth is. Anyway cb my whole point is the I think the duller the blade the more you can do, WITHOUT, affecting you main flesing abilities.

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