First Whitetail Shoulder Mount

Submitted by Jon Harshbarger on 2/11/02. ( )

I am new to the art of taxidermy and am learning a lot from the postings on this forum. To date, I have only mounted a deer foot gun rack and a gray squirrel. Before experimenting with work from friends, I would like to practice a few shoulder mounts. Can I piece together antlers and capes? If so, what do I look for when buying a cape? Can any set of antlers (with skull plate attached) be successfully mounted? Also, is there anyone in the Syracuse NY area willing to offer instruction? Thanks for your time.

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first mount

This response submitted by mike on 2/11/02. ( )

yes you can buy a cape to fit anything just make sure cape and horns match not to big not to small like a 18in cape would look good with 8pt 18 to19 in spread and so on iam from n.h. to to far from n.y. call any time if you need capes or horns and furs look at my web site mike

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