Too Much Lips!

Submitted by Andy on 2/11/02. ( )

Hi All,,

Working on my second mount..Open Mouth Red Fox Rug. Everything seemes to fit fine except around the mouth. Tucking lips and noticed I had too much lips. Should I alter the mouth? Im thinking if I let the skin relax a bit, it might shrink some and allow for a better fit around the mouth.

Any Suggestions?

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This response submitted by Robin on 2/11/02. ( )

Just trim your lips leave just enough to tuck you dont need that much on a closed mouth little bit more on a open mouth take care Robin Kirkland Taxidermy


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 2/11/02. ( )

This is just normal due to loss of fat,muscle and a thin hide. Tuck the skin in and try to work out the wrinkles. As it dries it will disappear.

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