Need Info for Oklahoma

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Hi im new here,this is great site have read lots of the posts and got some great info from them.My son and I are wanting to start learning this art they call taxidermy,its really great to find something we can do together,we have gotten books and tapes and watched them everyday for about 2 months now,we see something new every time we watch one and find it very interesting.What we need to know is who to contact to find out what we will need in the way of a license or permit if any here in Oklahoma.We are not planning to do any migratory birds at this time just small critters and fish.I have some friends that have a couple of deer that they said we could use to practice on also.Thanks for any info on Oklahoma License Laws in Advance.


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License not required in Oklahoma

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Go to

This is the new web site for the Oklahoma Taxidermists Association. You can find out all you need to know. There is no license require to practice taxidermy in Oklahoma. Bocats need to be tagged and you need a federal permit to work on ducks and geese. E-mail me and I can tell you more about the OKTA and taxidermy in our state. Good Luck

Thanks For the Info.

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