how to split a tail

Submitted by jen on 2/12/02. ( )

ok how do you split a tail? i have mangled a few different types lol
i do well at the base but as i proceded i usually split and tear the end out?

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Tails are best pulled and then split

This response submitted by Chris on 2/12/02. ( )


Generally most mammal tails are skinned with a knife down a couple inches, then the bone is pulled from the tail with the use of a tail puller. There are commercially made tail pullers or you can fashion one out of a couple of screwdrivers, a wooden clothespin, a pair of slip joing pliers. It is easy to do but somewhat difficult to explain, but basically you are surrounding the exposed tail bone with the puller and then pulling it in one direction while pulling the exposed tail bone in the opposite direction. With a little force the tail bone slides out of the tail skin. Once you have that accomplished you can slit the tail the remainder of the way to the tip. Make sure your tails are completely thawed before you try it though. If the pulling is really tough (before you snap the tail off tough) just skin down another inch or so and try the puller again.



I Like this

This response submitted by Rob on 2/12/02. ( )

I invested in a tail puller and a tail slitting guide and have a total of about $6.00 wraped up in it all together. I pull the bone out as Chris said and then insert the guide and just run my knife down it and its done. No more messed up tails!

Hope this helps,

tail slitting guide

This response submitted by Derek on 2/12/02. ( )

Rob, where did you purchase your tail slitting guide, I cant find one in my taxidermy supply catalogs. thanks Derek


This response submitted by Brandon on 2/12/02. ( )

WASCO has both of the items you need. the puller and guide.

thanks rob

This response submitted by mark on 2/13/02. ( )

thanks for the info on the tail guide havent been able to locate one since misplacing mine.


This response submitted by jen on 2/13/02. ( )

hey thanks! thought hum wonder if im the only one with 12 peice tails? lol thank goodness i can sew
your apprentice,,,, the mangler,, o i mean jen LOL!

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