small animal feet

Submitted by jen on 2/12/02. ( )

how do you properly do feet ? on small animals is the pad tannable?
and should you cone the leg then open at the middles of the pads?
then leave the last bone attached to the claw?
( as i look in my cup of ripped off claws LOL)

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the feet?\

This response submitted by bearclaw on 2/13/02. ( )

hi jen do you tanned it? i do wet tanned i like to wet tanned it save me time? i do open the middles of the pads want if you do lifesizes mounts ? like to it wet it fit better and sew good in the legs?the claws well it depint what are you going i mount it but you do have keep the last bone attached claw ! do you put clay in it feet want you do it ?/ if you have any more? ? e mail good luck

Grammer School

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i need pictures

This response submitted by chloe on 01/13/2003. ( )

Hiya. I dont know how long it will take u to read this. Im at the moment doing an art course and studying animal feet. I have been set the task to locate some images or all different varieties of animal feet i can find. So far my search has been deeply unsuccessful and here i'm asking if you could supply me with any images you may have. I do not know if you specialise in this area-all i know is that my search engine provided me with this address along with many others that have been no use. If you think you could help me i would be most gratefull. I'll look for a reply, but I'm running out of time. Thankyou very much for your time.

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