Reconnecting Jaw Bones At The Chin?

Submitted by Andy on 2/13/02. ( )

Hello! I have a coyote skull that I have kept for reference from my first mount. I can't seem to keep the jaw connected at the chin. I've used hot glue back does not hold at all. Can someone please give me an idea for a better way to permanently join the jaw bones. Thanks, Andy.

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This response submitted by Linda C on 2/13/02. ( )

5 minute epoxy.Available at any hardware department.

not strong enough

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 2/14/02. ( )

Use epo grip. That stuff is strong, and is mentioned every day here in the forums. Its much stronger than simple 5 minute epoxies, although the 5 minute stuff is sure better than the hot melt glue!


This response submitted by Andy on 2/14/02. ( )

Thank you both!

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