I am mounting my first deer head

Submitted by Billy on 2/13/02. ( )

I have skinned out my first deer head and split the lip to begin fleshing the hide. I have made two half inch cuts through the hide at this point (above the lip). What would be the best way to repair these cuts and what is the best way to flesh the lips?

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fleshing lips

This response submitted by tim z on 2/13/02. ( opidguyt@aol )

use a light bulb for a fleshing beam on lips and eyes etc.after tanned use small baseball stiches on cuts good luck tim z


This response submitted by Brad Jones on 2/14/02. ( Broadhead3@aol.com )

others have sugjested this in the past. Use dryer sheet materials or skin shavings and glue them in place with super glue gel. I have used dryer sheets on ears and the muzzle area and like the results that I have had. No bumps or stitching is visable and these area's are thin so the skin dries rather quick ( less shrinkage )no pulling open.

On cuts where the hair is thin and a stitch will be .....

This response submitted by Big Al on 2/14/02. ( )

visible...try a USED fabric softener sheet inside as a patch with super glue and then epoxie the crap out of the mannikin underneath!
Almost as bad as a potato peeler for fleshing...huh George!? :)

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