Antler rack - Is it useful?

Submitted by Jon Harshbarger on 2/14/02. ( )

I just purchased a set of antlers that I intended to use on my first whitetail shoulder mount. When I received the antlers, I found that the attached section of skull plate was quite small. It doesn't extend very far back - like is shown in the Breathrough manual. Is it still useable for a mount?

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skull plate

This response submitted by mike d on 2/14/02. ( )

You will need to rebuild it to replace the missing bone.
Simplest way that I have found comes from Research Mannikins.
They sell a mold that you clamp under the antler burrs and
then turn upside down and fill with catalized bondo/resin/fiberglass
strand mixture.
The mold is of the portion of skull normally retained for a mount;
replacing the skull bone and reinforcing the piece you have all at the same time.
I have used this to fix broken skulls and even cut off antlers if there was any bone at all below the pedical that the bondo could lock around.
I've even used it for sheds by drilling into the antler base and screwing in a bolt that is passed through some metal plumbers tape.
Use the metal strap to set the distance between the burrs, then tape a support dowel between the antler tips and one between the back points to set inside spread and angle of antlers from skull.
With these 3 connections the rack should be pretty stable; then clamp the mold under the burrs, seal around burrs with clay to prevent leaking of the bondo when it is poured.
Prop the mold shell so that the angle of the pedical to skull is appropriate and support the mold, mix filler and pour.
When mounting sheds like this be sure to demold and fine tune the edges and pedical/burr area while the bondo is still workable; leave support rods in place until the bondo cools.


This response submitted by Dave B. on 2/14/02. ( )

Sure they'll work for ya. If Sheds can be mounted without a skull cap at all, then by golly,yours are a breeze.
Simply position the antlers where they need to be on the mannikin. Secure them to the mannikin and rebuild with the product of your choice, be it Bondo, mache Etc.Allow to cure or set up,being sure you have a nice transition from the top of the skull plate tapering to the back of the skull.Then mount!

Have fun with it,

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