Got deercape back from tanner now what ?

Submitted by Chris on 2/14/02. ( IBB1GDADDY2@AOL.COM )

I hope this does,nt sound stupid. I just want to know what next ? when I get my cape back from the tanner then what. In the videos I,ve got they d.p. the hide. I want to use a tanner for the first few. Then I may try to do some myself. What do I need to do to get the hide ready for the form ? I just don,t want to do anything wrong.Any advice would be appreciated. I looked in the archives but I did,nt know how to word it, to get what I was looking for. Do you have to soften the hide or anything else. I do not own a flesher so everything I do will be by hand.

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Hey Chris

This response submitted by Bob C on 2/15/02. ( )

The good thing about having your skins tanned is most of the shaving is done. You must now rehydrate the hide, I do this buy soaking it in a 5 gallon bucket, or if your wife allows, in the bathtub. I'll probably get slamed for this, but here it goes. I soak them in ,lets call it, very warm water. You might even call it hot. I add a small handful of salt and a capfull of fabric softener. I soak mine for 20 min. or so,wring them out, put them in a plastic bag and let them "sweat" for a few hrs. When I'm able to move the ears freely, I know its rehydrated enough. You still have to do some thinning on the face. You can do this with a scaple,razor blade,or use what I use, a dremel tool with a drum sanding bit . You have to be real careful and go slowly. I support the skin with my finger so I can "feel" when I'm getting to thin. I do this around the eyes,nose,mouth and ear butts. After the skin is thinned the way you want it, you can procede with the mounting. I hoped this helped you out some.
Bob C

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