Tails on Possums, muskrats, etc.

Submitted by Jim Long on 2/15/02. ( jlong@tls.net )

For mounting purposes of a possum, muskrat, etc. with a "Tail" as known - Do you/can you SKIN the tail off the bone as squirrels, etc. with hair? Is there a special process?

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You could,but..........

This response submitted by Dave B. on 2/15/02. ( dave.belanger@cabvelas.com )

........with all the exceptional Reproduction Tails out on the market for Beaver, Muskrats and Possums, I would and do prefer to go that route.They're very easy to use andlook natural.

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Real tails

This response submitted by steve on 2/15/02. ( gossard@gtelco.net )

Reproduction tails do look fine, but will not have the fine hairs that the real one will have. I skin out the real tail and mount up the same way as a furred tail. Small tread and needle and tiny stitches will leave insision very tight, and a lillte bit of epoxy will cover it totally. The real tail will have to be repainted as some discoloration will happen, but the repo tails usually have to be painted as well. Another opption still, is to cut the real hairs off the real tail and glue them on the repo for a life like look. there are also ways of molding the tail your self and allowing the tail to decompose enough for the epidermis to slip while in the mold. then you carfully remove the tail inside parts while allowing the hair and epidermis to stay stuck in the mold. then you pour the resin into mold and the skin sticks as well as the hair, when you take it out, it looks exactly like the real tail, case most of it is.

If you go the maceration route on a possum....

This response submitted by Big Al on 2/15/02. ( )

Tint the wax pink for a more realistic effect instaed of paint

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