Skull plate boiling.

Submitted by Brandon on 2/15/02. ( )

I was curious on the Mixture of Sodium Carbonate (Sal Soda?) and water for boiling Skull plates to do antler plaques. I ordered a delux Van Dyke's Deer Antler kit and it came with 4 oz. of Sodium Carbonate, and says to use all of it in the water, but does not say how much water to use, while i have the "Serious Sportsman Taxidermy for Beginner's" books and they say to use Half a oz. of Sal Soda to 3 quarts of waters, So would I mix the 4oz of Sodium Carbonate with 24 quarts of water? Also i have a Skull plate that the hide was not cleaned off when it was first killed, and the hide is now compleatly stuck to the skull, would it hurt to just boil it off in the Sodium Carbonate? (tried to skin it off but the hair just pulls out leaving the skin on the skull and no way to really get a knife under it.) Thanks in advance!

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It won't hurt it

This response submitted by Travis on 2/15/02. ( )

I have done several skulls with the dryed hide on and it doesn't hurt a thing. I also use sal soda and be careful not to submerge the antlers to deep in the water or it will bleach them. If you have any more questions for me feel free to e-mail me.

What about the ratio?

This response submitted by Brandon on 2/17/02. ( )

What about the ratio of Sal Soda to Boiling watter? Van Dyke's sheet said all 4 oz. but not how much water, and my booklets say Half a oz. to 3 quarts of water, combining both insturctions, that would be 24 oz. of water which is alot ;) so what is the best mixture?

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