paasche vl to air can

Submitted by CB on 2/15/02. ( )

I have a Paasche VL set and want to use canned air as my source right now. How do I attach the hose to the can of air? Do I need any additional attachment pieces for this to work? How long will a can of air last? I am a real novice and any help on this would really be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 2/16/02. ( )

There is a top that screws on the canister. From there you can paint. The problem with these can are they get expensive and you can't really control them the right way but if your just learning I would look into a small air compressor. Just figure out on how many fish your planing to do and how many fish your able to paint with one canister. In the long run it's worth it to get a compressor.


This response submitted by Ron on 2/17/02. ( )

I would check at your local pawn shops. It's tax time and you could probably pick up a small compessor for well under $100.00.

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