Professional Tanning

Submitted by Darrell on 2/16/02. ( )

How much ca I expect to pay to have a deer cape tanned by a professional tanner? I know a lot of you guys send capes out to get tanned, but can I expect to get near the quality if I did it myself? Who do you recommend if I decide to send a cape out and what is their going price? Thanks.

~ Darrell

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About $30

This response submitted by Piney on 2/16/02. ( )

In New Jersey about $30, most tanneries are not looking for people with a few, they are a volume business. A lot of guys just do too many deer and have to ship out for tanning.


This response submitted by John R on 2/16/02. ( )

How about Buffalo hides for a rug and a good tannery?



This response submitted by Steve on 2/16/02. ( )

To tan a buffalo hide will cost about 12 dollars a square foot to have tanned by most tanneries. also, additional charges for any fleshing they have to do. The cost may be higher as it has been a while since I sent one out.

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