dryer sheet repair

Submitted by chuck on 2/16/02. ( )

after tanning can you just wipe the excess tanning agent off and use super glue and a dryer sheet to repair blown out ears. Will this be dry enough for the glue to adhere?

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This response submitted by R. Curtis on 2/16/02. ( Curtisir@uci.net )

Yes if you get the oil out. Wipe the hide with lacuer thinner and it will work. Try a small piece of latex rubber golve, it works better than dryer sheet material.

Ear repair

This response submitted by Tony on 2/17/02. ( )

Go with what curtis said! I have used dryer sheets to repair ears but have had problems with the adhesive leaking through the pores in the dryer sheets. The latex glove would stop that from happening.

masking tape

This response submitted by Terry on 2/17/02. ( )

Try using masking tape and super glue. This works super!

medium sand paper

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 2/19/02. ( )

this paper side surface adheres good. exterior surface is rough to accept some apoxy sculpt.

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