how do you do it?

Submitted by don on 2/16/02. ( )

i have a question i hope someone can help me with . Which incision do you use when mounting a squirrel in a running up a tree pose.I tried a ventral incision and i`m not having any luck.Also how the heck do you get salt down in the tail so the hair don`t slip?

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This response submitted by Linda C. on 2/16/02. ( )

Hi Don,usually I use a dorsal incision on all me tree rats,but I have used a ventral insion on that particular pose without any problems.Just what trouble are you having with it? As for salt, stick a wire in the tail and stir it around while pouring in the salt.It will get to the end,just make sure it can drain.

Salt ?

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 2/16/02. ( )

What are you doing here, mounting or drying out the squirrel?

If your using DP for mounting take a fine piece of wire and push it down not tight but to get some down there. You can also take those tails that are made for squirrels and coat it with paste and then lightly powder it with DP and then insert it into the tail. For me that's way to much work for DP so I tan my tree rats.

For most cuts on a squirrel I like a dorsel cut. One thing to also remember is that most legs on a squirrel need to get trimed down. Some are beef up way to much.

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