Confused about buying and selling?

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Duhhhh...Please let me know if I'm understanding correctly. If I possess a Fur Dealers License in Texas, I can buy furs, mount and sell them legally in Texas only? If I sell out of state I must comply with the laws of the other state? Would these laws apply differently to game annimals (Fox Squirrell) and non-game animals (raccoon)? Have searched the archieves and could not get a clear cut answer. Pleasse be kind in your response, *LOL* just trying to get it right. Thanks, Dale

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When in doubt call your state agency

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Texas Parks and Wildlife
4200 Smith School Rd.
Austin, TX 78744
Tele: (512) 389-4845

They may refer you to someone else a couple of times, but you should get the info you want.


Buying and Selling

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All states are different but in Texas there is not much in the
regulations on selling with the exception of bobcats.

In a nutshell:

Trappers License: Required for the harvest of furbearing animals or their pelts for
the purpose of selling.

Retail Fur Buyer: Entitles a person to buy furbearing animals or their
pelts from trappers only.

Wholesale Fur Buyer: Required of persons to buy furbearing animals or their
pelts from trappers, retail fur buyers, other wholesale fur buyers or
animal propagators.

With bobcats, all cats must be tagged by a registered bobcat pelt dealer.
Bobcat pelt dealers can buy and sell cats and pelts to anyone as long
as they are tagged.

A good resource for you is the Texas Furbearing Anmial Digest. You should
be able to find one on the state website.


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