Polytranspar silver pearl essence

Submitted by Mary Jane on 2/17/02. ( Puddlepadlr@aol.com )

I am just starting to use the Polytranspar series and have finished my painting the fishing lure I started with, it turned out really good. I now want to make the lure have a pearl essence finish so I thought by spraying the whole lure with silver pearl essence it would create the finish I wanted. Will I still be able to see the colors of my lure through the silver pearl essence paint? What will the outcome be? Thanks and I really have learned a great deal by reading this forum.

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Depends on......

This response submitted by Bonnie Z on 2/17/02. ( bonniez@core.com )

how heavily you spray. All of the pearl essences should only be MISTED on. If used too heavily will tend to cover undercoats and also give a muddy effect. So in other words mist lightly and you should come out with the effect you want......Have fun!

I agree

This response submitted by piney chick on 2/17/02. ( )

lighter is better . the best thing is ...if you screw up you can strip it down and start over.Good Luck

Drier is better.

This response submitted by John C on 2/18/02. ( )

To get the best reflection and refraction of light. the coat must dry almost immediatly upon hitting the painted object. This allows the binder to hold the metalic particle upright.

Its a fine line between lighter, drier.

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