Ear Problem

Submitted by Barry Smith on 2/18/02. ( klorrae@yellowbananas.com )

I looked threw all the archives in the forum and cannot find what i am looking for. I am doing my first deer head and the one ear has a quarter size chunk tore out of the edge of the ear. It appears to be from fighting and is not healed over because it looks like it happen a couple of weeks before the deer was taken. I was wondering how i should go about to mount this ear.

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Its a natural ear

This response submitted by dale on 2/18/02. ( dwarriner@ritzcom.net )

It's common and natural to have ears like you describe. Invert the ear, sew the edge, reinvert and mount like normal. If you are using earliners, cut the liner to correspond with the shape of the ear.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 2/19/02. ( )

You got a good answer from Dale. But level with us, you never checked the archives, did ya? I KNOW its in there, Ive answered this one many times! Good luck with your ear, let us know how you make out.

barry, take it from bill

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 2/19/02. ( )

it is not an inconvenience to use the archives. it is a revelation , not just a simple answer. if you are serious about learning the trade than take five minutes and get several, quick answers from several sources in the archives. there's not a whole lot new under the sun. some of the new chemicals might not be found in the archives, but this is rare. go forth my son and learn..........

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