Need Helpful Ideas for HAnging a Wolf Rug with Mounted Head

Submitted by Avi Alpert on 2/18/02. ( )

Hi, this may not be directly about taxidermy but I have a wolf rug with a mounted head and would like to hang it on the wall. I am looking for a way to do this without damaging the pelt, the bottom is felt, but I am afraid if I try to put anything on it to hang it will go through the fur. Any ideas?
I was thinking industrial strength velcro might work, but am concerned if it will hold the head and not rip the sewing.

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Ply Wood

This response submitted by Darrell on 2/18/02. ( )

Just cut out a piece of ply wood the same size as the rug and attach the rug with small nails that you can hide under the fur. Then just hand the whole thing on the wall. The fur will cover the edges and be out of sight if you cut the wood right.

~ Darrell

Get an inset head hanger

This response submitted by Dodie Wilkins, Rugs by Wildlife Artistry on 2/18/02. ( )

Take the rug to your local taxidermist, ask that he install an inset hanger, and wallah--We would charge you $5.00

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