Caulking for hide paste?

Submitted by RD on 2/20/02. ( )

I was wondering if any of you use caulking for hide paste, when mounting deer? If so, what kind? SIlicone, tubeand tile, etc.

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It will work, but......

This response submitted by Kenneth on 2/20/02. ( )

Your general latex caulk will work for hide paste. I get the cheap stuff from wal-mart. I think it is $0.98 a tube. The tube is blue and white. I use it on fish and have successfully used it on gameheads and l-s mammals, but my preference on gameheads and l-s mammals would be a high quality paste. I prefer Buckeye Hide Paste Supreme. Many of the guys/gals on here like the 2 part epoxies. They are good also. Both are superior to caulk. Don't skimp on this step, order a better product. Good Luck

Try This

This response submitted by ratskinner on 2/21/02. ( )

I take 2 tubes of latex caulk, cut the tops off on the bandsaw, push the caulk out with a hammer handle into a plastic container, to this I add 4-6 oz. Elmer's white glue and 1 capful Rittel's Preservit. Mix with a bent wire on a drill. Add a small amount of water to thin out a bit. This stuff really grabs a prepared form, doesn't mold or go bad and is fairly cheap. I've been using it for years with great results. Clean up with water while wet, mineral spirits when dry.

carpet adhesive works and its cheap

This response submitted by Joey Horner on 2/21/02. ( )

try some carpet adhesive. its cheap and you can find it everywhere. hope this helps.

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