Lifetone paint thinner?

Submitted by RD on 2/20/02. ( )

I have been using lifetone paints from Van Dykes. I have ran out of thinner. What can I use instead of their high dollar thinner? Mineral spirits, just clog up the paint.

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Laquer thinner

This response submitted by Kenneth on 2/20/02. ( )

If it is the solvent based paint use laquer thinner. It can be purchase at hardware stores, lumber yards, wal-mart and so on. Good Luck

How do i get shoe polish or paint off of a drive-way?

This response submitted by Chelsea on 01/28/2003. ( )

Someone painted with shoe polish on my drive-way as a joke, now it wont come off is there anyway that I might be able to get it off? Maybe with a paint thinner? or something else? Please help!

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