how to humanely kill quail for mounting

Submitted by ken on 2/20/02. ( )

what is the best humane way to kill (domestic quail) for mounting

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leave your email address so this doesn't have to go over a

This response submitted by Kristoph on 2/20/02. ( )

public forum and be under scrutiny/attack by the bunny huggers.Best for all to excercise discretion, Thankyou, Kristoph

use air

This response submitted by Gregg West on 2/20/02. ( )

use a syringe filled with air,and inject air into the back of the skull,works like a charm.hope this helps Gregg

Greggs right

This response submitted by John C on 2/20/02. ( )

Thats the easiest way and very humane also.

Don't slip with syringe!

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 2/20/02. ( )

The guys at the emergency ward will HURT themselves laughing!
...well, OK, I did it with ice-cold water (VERY non-sterile!) which caused an immediate weird and scary-looking reaction on my finger, which I decided NOT to ignore. I hate to think if it had been air!
I now use chloroform for killing birds. No fuss, no muss, very peaceful and humane. It was recommended in an avian veterinary text that I used to use frequently.

Nancy M.


This response submitted by Tony on 2/20/02. ( )

Gently squeeze him under his wings with thumb and middle finger , he will last for about 15 seconds or less! don't have to press hard! thats the most human way I have found! Use the other hand to hold on top to keep it from flapping and damaging feathers. Tony

Over English Setters

This response submitted by Frank on 2/21/02. ( )

Over English Setters with a 20 gauge


This response submitted by Joey Horner on 2/21/02. ( )

try it. was as a marinade if you want to eat the meat when you're done skinning it out.


This response submitted by ron on 2/22/02. ( )

if you dont shoot the birds, then you are a fag!


This response submitted by Steve on 2/22/02. ( )

If you don't leave an email address your a fag.
A syringe filled with alcohol injected into lung heart area, about thiry cc's will kill bird in thirty seconds, no struggling or movement at all. Alcohol poisoning kills very fast. Think about that one next time you drink. LoL


This response submitted by jason Dennis on 11/22/2002. ( )

Those all sound like good answers but if you don't have a syringe lying around, you could drown it in a bucket of water. I guess it would be a little trouble to dry afterwords. I even did in a woodchuck this way. When trapping I use water whenever I can for coons, if I catch them at the creek bank, in they go with a boot on the head till the bubbles stop.

Where do you get Chloroform?

Where can i get chloroform?

This response submitted by steve Bong on 01/12/2003. ( )

where can i buy chloroform?

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