Paasche H or VL?

Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 2/22/02. ( )

I am going to be ordering an airbrush and a compressor (Paasche D-500) very soon. I just can't decide whether to get the Paashe H or the VL!

I have heard both sides of it. Some people told me to definately get the VL because it was better and it was easier to clean. Woodchick told me she has an "H" and a "VL" and uses the H much more often. I have also heard that the H is much easier for beginners, which I am certainly a beginner.

I think I'd like to get the H, but not if it's not going to work well. Why would they make the H if it wasn't a good brush? Should I order the H? I'm just pretty wary of the VL, since I don't want to have alot of frustration. I'm not the type for that, LOL.


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Flip a coin?

This response submitted by Bonnie on 2/22/02. ( )

Seriously.....As I've mentioned before I have both and prefer the H.
Very simple to take apart and clean, you don't accidently spray to much (wide) because you adjust flow by hand and other reasons..I can see where Old Fart? or was it Big Al? are coming from; one of them says to go with the VL...The reason for this is if you are just starting out I guess you may as well get used to using this brush from the beginning. I say to heck with that! Give me simplicity and when I've mastered my air-brushing with the "H" and if I wasn't satisfied then go to the VL....Oh well seems I'm very satisfied with the "H"...LOL
Anyway Amy earlier this month we were all rehashing airbrushes and if you check the archives, you should be able to get your answer..
Good Luck to ya!



This response submitted by chad on 2/22/02. ( )

check harbor freight for a compressor i just bought a nice one for $72.00 made for air brushing model # s-34844

from one beginner to another..

This response submitted by jason dennis on 2/22/02. ( )

I was struggling with the same decission as you less than a year ago. I finnaly decided to get the VL. Heres why, you can adjust a screw on the VL that sets the paint flow and it now act just like a single action brush. Most of the people I talked to said they started out with an H, then after a year or so upgradded to the VL so they could work faster. In the end they bought two airbrushes and could have saved $30 in the long run by buying the better one up front. I will have to admit I had trouble with the double action fingerwork at first, so i used it as a single action. But you'll find even whith it set up as a single action you can still draw the trigger back for a quick heavy burst when needed. This way you can gradually get use to painting with the double action brush. And when you get good with the double action you can make better tapers and blends.

Good luck at whatever you decide.

I like the VL

This response submitted by Mick on 2/23/02. ( )

I prefer the VL over the H, due to it's one handed operation. The H is a two handed brush if you want to run and gun, adjusting paint volume as your spraying. The VL lets you do it all with one hand, leaving the other free for whatever important tasks come up; answering the phone, drinking your favorite beverage, scratching an itch. I've got one H, and more than a couple of VL's now. The H, just sits in a drawer now, and has done so, since I bought the first VL, many years ago.

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