Is PIT worth the $

Submitted by John on 2/24/02. ( )

I was looking into going to a taxidermy school PIT is the closest one to my house I live in New York. Has anyone been there or knows anything about their teaching. I'm just a little nervous about shelling out all that cabbage for something I might not enjoy. If anyone can be of any assistance I would surely appreciate it.

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This response submitted by George on 2/24/02. ( )

John, Go to the homepage and in the block entitles "What do you want to know", type in "taxidermy schools". You'll find possibly more than you ever wanted to know about your question and the idea of attending taxidermy schools.

theres really two questions here...

This response submitted by frank on 2/24/02. ( )

Hello John, You mentioned that you may or may not like taxidermy. The very 1st thing I would do before checking schools out is to get your feet wet with taxidermy and figure out if this is something you "like" to do. Even the best school in the world will not decide that. I went to a school that is no longer in business in 1985.The last thing I looked at was how
close it was to my house.Also once your feet are wet maybe you will find that you like to do certain items and not others. If this does accure you may want to check into some"one on one"training from experts in that specfic area.
As far as Penn inst, everything I have heard has been positive. Best of luck in your training.

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