Mule Deer Cape On Whitetail Mannikin?

Submitted by Louie on 2/24/02. ( )

I was wondering if I could put a mule deer cape and antlers on a whitetail mannikin? Would it look like a mule deer still or just look like a retarded deer? I was wondering because I can't find the mule deer mannikin I want and I have no experience at all with altering mannikins much less taxidermy?

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You're not looking hard enough!

This response submitted by Big Al on 2/24/02. ( )

There's plenty of suppliers out there to find that mulie!

Sure Am

This response submitted by Louie on 2/24/02. ( )

Im looking for a mule deer that is fighting and all I find is whitetails.

Change out the heads

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 2/24/02. ( )

The facial features on mule deer are much different than a whitetail. You can probably get away with buying a mule deer change out head and putting it on the whitetail fighting forms. The brisket area is also different on a mule deer form, but you can still make it work. Good Luck!

Alter the form

This response submitted by Don on 2/24/02. ( )

or...learn to. Not that hard to do and eventually you will have to if your in this business long enough.

You think

This response submitted by Elmer on 2/25/02. ( )

If you don't know taxidermy try something a little less challenging. Ther are not many suppliers that would carry that . None that I can think of so you would have to alter the form. Not to rain on your parade just some sound advice. If you really want to do that type of mount don't be afraid to take a chance and make it a learning experience out of it. Research it out buy a video talk to people about form alteration. Some of the best artist in the industry started out with no knowledge at all but was not afraid to take a chance research and think a project through then make it happen . How much reference do you have on the subject collect some that is your first step. Hope this helps.

do it yourself job

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 2/26/02. ( )

if you are just mounting it for yourself to save money, then a whitetail mannican will work. you will probably be the only person who will ever suspect that there is a "bogus" mannican under there.
john doe public is very rarely into the finer points of anatomy. besides there are whitetail/mulie crossbreeds walking around with characteristics of both. but,if you want to become a taxidermist and love animal biology and anatomy, and aspire to be in a competition some day, then take Elmer's advise and research the anatomical differences, then add a roman nose to your whitetail mannican.

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