hand fleshing

Submitted by Barry on 2/24/02. ( klorrae@yellowbananas.com )

I am getting ready to do my first shoulder mounted deer. I am going to use the lutan F tanning processes and was wondering how much fleshing is going to have to be done around the eyes and face. I would buy a fleshing machine to shave the cape but I want to do 1 or 2 heads by hand to see if I am going to like doing taxidermy.

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Fleshing machines

This response submitted by Tony on 2/24/02. ( )

Go down the list and read(fleshing machines 2-9-02)

Let me say...........

This response submitted by Scott on 2/25/02. ( sschuh@grapevine.net )

you probably won't like taxidermy if you use that technique to decide because it is very tedious.I would send it to get tanned and then do the mounting to see if you like it because the fleshing machines will shave a cape in an hour for me.By hand will take alot longer and you have the chance of hair slippage if the cape is exposed to warm temperatures from being worked on for hours at a time.Just my opinion.

how much fleshing was the question......

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 2/26/02. ( )

until there is no red meat left on the cape (or until the hide is so thin that you can feel your finger and thumb easily through the hide)(in other words until you feel you cant continue without cutting a hole in the hide). if it was easy, everyone wouldnt need a taxidermist.

My experience

This response submitted by Bill on 2/28/02. ( )

If you are like me and only do a couple a year as a hobby don't worry about a fleshing machine. I use a home made beam and a necker knife to get the flesh and membrane off most of the cape. I do the face with a scalpel and a couple of different scisors. I put it in the pickle and touch it up a little each day. Then after the tan I work on it some more. It sounds like alot of work but it's not that bad.

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