Tanneries in southeastern Minnesota or west central Wisconsi

Submitted by moe on 2/26/02. ( alloutdoorstaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Does anyone know of a tannery in southeastern minnesota or west central wisconsin? Somewhere around Rochester MN or LaCrosse WI? Or maybe even northern Iowa. Thanks, Moe

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Finley's Tannery

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 2/26/02. ( )


Finley's Tannery is located outside of Chatfield, MN, just a short distance south of Rochester. Call Jim Finley at (507) 867-3823. I've had him tan deer, coyotes, and bear and he does a great job.



This response submitted by Ron Z on 2/26/02. ( stenick@wwt.net )

Moe,check with Shep's taxidermy on HWY53 just north of Onalaska,right by Marge's Lakeside resturant. This guy is a grat taxidermist and can probably help you with the tanning. Keep my e-mail handy, as I am also starting a tannery for taxidermy and leather thi summer, as soon as I can get the building done. Good luck, Ron


This response submitted by moe on 2/27/02. ( alloutdoorstaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Thanks for the information. I'm just starting out and i need all the info i can get.

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