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Submitted by wildlife taxidermy on 2/26/02. ( wltaxidermy@eoni/com )

Hi I'm not a begginner in taxidermy BUT I have never had this problem come into the shop I have a customer that had some mice get into her storage box where her cougar and bear rugs were, she wants me to try to get the smell out what can I use with out hurting the rugs can I use super solvent in a deluted spray? or just Dawn soap ? Please help
Thanks Shelly....

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This response submitted by Glen Conley on 2/26/02. ( g.conley@verizon.net )

The product by that name has been around for a good number of years. It was originally developed for dog and cat urine odors in carpet. It should be avaiable through a pet shop or tropical fish shop, as a stock item or something they can order in for you through their suppliers. I have been told the company now has their own web site, and is also promoting it as a taxidermy use product. Check with the company and find out how they suggest using it for your application.

Try 100% mineral spirits

This response submitted by Dodie Wilkins on 2/26/02. ( wi;dart@hot1.net )

We generally use Love my carpet, then vacuum, follow by wiping the hair side down with 100% pure mineral spirits. put on by wetting a cloth and wiping the hair. Don't soak the skin, as it can remove or streak the any dye used on the hide

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