Zap-a-Gap For Holes?

Submitted by Patrick on 2/26/02. ( )

The archives haven't answered my question, so here goes. I have a WT doe cape that I shaved today after 3 days in Saftee Acid. The cape is now back in the pickle for another 24 hours. Anyway, while shaving, I managed to create a few small holes- an eighth to a quarter inch max- in the face/lip area. Can I use Zap-a-Gap to repair these holes instead of sewing? I realize that I'd need to back the holes with shaved skin, used dryer sheet, etc. I've read where the holes in ears have been repaired this way, but was wondering about the facial areas. Thanks...Patrick

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Works the same

This response submitted by George on 2/26/02. ( )

But I'd suggest you use an epoxy hide paste in that area if not the whole cape. Cyanoacrylate has a tendency to crystalize down the road and could pose a problem with a water based hide paste swelling the leathe and detaching your dryer sheet. I prefer shaved skin over dryer sheet. Remember what the superglue label says: "BONDS FLESH INSTANTLY". Doesn't mention dryer sheets though they do work.

Epo Grip

This response submitted by Patrick on 2/26/02. ( )

I had planned on using Polytranspar Hide Paste, but since you brought it up, I suppose I should go ahead use Epo Grip- I have both. This is a pedestal mount and I was going to use the Epo Grip on the pedestal edge anyway. Thanks for the insight...Patrick

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