tanned cape?

Submitted by Chad on 2/28/02. ( lumps30@aol.com )

I just bought a professionaly tanned cape,the ears are rock hard. What do you use too soften them up?

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Rehydrate your cape

This response submitted by Dave B. on 2/28/02. ( dave.belanger@cabelas.com )

HEllo Chad,
There is a TON of information about this in the Archives. You can learn a lot by using this feature.
But to answer your question, simply rehydrate your cape and the ears will come back. Submerge the cape in water. Be sure to add salt to your solution to prevent Acid Swelling. Adding an ounce or two of Bactericide is always a good idea.I also like to add some Fabric Softener as well. Soak for 30-40 minutes. Remove and allow to drip out for 30 minutes.Fold skin to skin and then roll it up and place it into the fridge over night allowing it to sweat out.
By morning it'll be good to go to work on.
If you're intending on using ear liners, be sure to remove the cartilidge out of the ear.

Again, after you read this, check out the Archives. Its like going back to school.

Have a good day,

Remove Cartilidge

This response submitted by Ed on 3/1/02. ( )

If you remove the cartilidge after it has been tanned do you need to do any thing else to the ears or will the tanning with the cartilidge in penetrate behind the ear cartilidge?


This response submitted by jen on 3/1/02. ( )

actually i have been reading in the archives for hours and there is not much that i have found on tanned hides with rock hard ears, so that quiestion was a good one, other than should have put the rock hard ears,,? after the tanned caped title for peoples looking for information post by post

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