Looking for good websites on taxadermy instruction....

Submitted by Robert Tesoro on 2/28/02. ( transam403ci79@aol.com )

Im interested in taxadermy but i dont really know anything about to tan or mount yet. If you know any good sites for my to research this art please let me know. I have a freezer full of hides waiting to be tanned. Thanks

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This response submitted by Darrin on 2/28/02. ( mrbass11@meckcom.net )

You are on one of the best web sites for hints and tips on taxidermy. Hands on instruction is still the best bet to learn taxidermy. But, search the archives. That will answer most any question you have.



This response submitted by Tony on 2/28/02. ( t1srff@aol.com )

Robert I'm also just learning about taxidermy. Just a note about videos. Be careful on where and what you buy. I spent $200 at Van Dykes on videos a few were good quality with a lot of good and useful information. Several videos were so bad I called and complained about the video quality. They were so snowy like they were copied several times. I have also got some from McKenzieof these they were all of good video quality and great for someone new. If you have any questions on which were good or bad just write. Tony

If you cant find it here...

This response submitted by Larry on 2/28/02. ( )

you can stop looking podnah.

Wrong again Larry!

This response submitted by b bishop on 2/28/02. ( bishops@newnorth.net )

there are exellent instructions on the site www.taxidermyreference.com . oh and Larry, I was just joking about being wrong "again" I dont even know you !


This response submitted by Glen Conley on 2/28/02. ( g.conley@verizon.net or whitetaildesign@aol.com )

www.whitetailsystems.com, or go to Suppliers and click chemicals. If you would, let me know what you think should be added or given more attention.

Looking for a school nearby to learn how to taxadermy fish

This response submitted by Charlie on 10/08/2002. ( bogert@nac.net )

I would like to find a school close to Mena, AR. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I need to know where there are taxadermy schools located

This response submitted by robbie casteel on 10/09/2002. ( rjcasteel@aol.com )

Do you know what states offer taxadermy schools to attend.

I need some information!

This response submitted by Stevie L. Shelton on 10/18/2002. ( jshelton@netscope.net )

I would like to find some real good web site's on instruction's on Taxadermy! Please respond! Thanks!


This response submitted by J. Murphy on 11/24/2002. ( scoutup@aol.com )

I'm looking at mounting my antlers on a plaque using a mold like a professional. What type of plastic resin would you use to fill the mold with? It has to be hard enough when cured to put wood screws in. Any help would be appreciasted. Murph

i need info on taxadermy

This response submitted by dante lee on 11/24/2002. ( DanteCLee@aol.com )

i would like to learn the taxadermy traid. i want to know it as it was done the native american way. am willing to hear any sugestions. or if i may find my research help some where on line please send me the sites to visit. thanks Lee


This response submitted by CG on 12/10/2002. ( )

I left the skin on the deer as it hung for 5 days. Can I still tan the hide with the skin on or is the hair going to slip? The temp was around 35 deg.

hair on/ hair off?

This response submitted by CG on 12/10/2002. ( )

I left the skin on the deer as it hung for 5 days. Can I still tan the hide with the skin on or is the hair going to slip? The temp was around 35 deg.

learing taxaderny at home

This response submitted by junior randolph on 12/10/2002. ( june41171@yahoo.com )

would like to learn the cost and send us stuff tolearm to my address rt1 box 1365
sandy hook ky 41171


This response submitted by Jim on 12/26/2002. ( )

Go to the WASCO website for all taxadermy instrucional books videos and kits.


This response submitted by kyle on 12/30/2002. ( )

i found a decomposing snapping turtle carcass yesturday and was wondering if i could somehow preserve the whole skeleton. is this possible?


This response submitted by Jordan Lybeck on 01/13/2003. ( lybeck@tx3.ney )

I'm really interested in Taxadermy so i shot a duck and skinned it but i dont have a Manniken even ordered yet can i freeze the hide?

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